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The Importance of Stories and Storytelling

Storytellers have always been an important part of a community. Stories and storytellers pass on traditional values, teach us about history, and entertain us. Storytelling, which began as an ancient art, has been transformed with new 21st century digital tools. But no matter the method, from a good old-fashioned bedtime story to a jazzy digital video, there is so much you can learn by listening to and telling a good story!

Ancient Art of Storytelling

Storytelling develops great skills:

21st Century Digital Storytelling


The History of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication. Long, long ago, before cameras, computers and even before paper, stories were the best way to share history, traditions and culture. Stories were the way important pieces of information were kept alive and passed down to the next generation.

History of Storytelling


Getting Started with your Story

Story writing and storytelling requires imagination, energy and effort. Kids are naturals! But, just to get you started, try some of these activities:

Continue your Learning Path

You?ve learned that stories aren?t just for entertainment. They are also about culture, history and traditions. Now, let?s learn about the different kinds of stories.

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Explore with Cinderella!
Cinderella pic

Cinderella is a lot older than she looks! In fact the first-known version of Cinderella is from almost 2000 years ago! Cinderella?s story is told all over the world. Check out these different versions.