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Water Classroom Project: Email 5

Presented by ePals and National Geographic
Email # 5


Email #5
Culminating Activity
Time: Three 60 minute blocks on consecutive days
Classroom Instruction:
Day One and Two: ?
Explain to students that the class' culminating activity will be to create Public Service Announcements about water. You can have students choose to create their public service announcements independently or in small groups. Students can use Animoto, Glogster, or Wix to create content. The following are sample requirements for the PSAs. Modify them to meet your learning goals:


Your audience: your peers
Your goal: Create a Public Service Announcement
Think: What do you think is important for kids your age to know about water?

  1. Provide information about water;
  2. Tell about at least one aspect(s) of the world water crisis;
  3. Propose ideas for how your peers can help;
  4. Give your PSA a catchy title that would make people want to watch it;
  5. Include at least three of the following: photos, maps, graphs, video
  6. Suggest ways others can learn more about the subject.

Note: Showing your students examples of public service announcements will help them become familiar with this format.


Optional culminating activity formats: Make a PowerPoint presentation, make a brochure, create a documentary, or design a website.


Writing Email:
Day Three:

  1. Students respond to their ePals' comments and questions.
  2. Students share their public service announcements with their ePals.