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What is an ecosystem?

How do you define an "ecosystem?" You may have heard this word before in class, on television, or on the internet, but what does it mean? An ecosystem is a community of living and non-living things. These things- animals, plants, sun and soil,- work together and?depend on each other. Though it may sound like an easy word, there is a whole lot to learn before you can fully understand an ecosystem and how it relates to biodiversity. Watch these two videos and try some of the fun webquests on this page to understand the concepts of an ecosystem!



Wordplay: Know these Important Words?

These are important words that will be helpful for you as you read and talk about ecosystems. Learn the definition of each one.

Biomes: The Ultimate Ecosystems

What is a biome? How are they similar to ecosystems? In fact, a biome is a specific area on earth that all has the same set of characteristics, like climate or altitude. They usually includes lots of similar ecosystems put together.

What are the different types of biomes?

Learn more about the different types of biomes and the interdependence of species in these biomes.

Scroll through the various biomes and learn about each one:

Let's take some time and have fun with an online game!

Ecosystems?and biomes are very interdependent. Plants and animals rely on each other in order to survive. See how food webs appear in all ecosystems and try to build one!

Now, you have learned that biomes are really just very large ecosystems. By classifying these areas throughout the world, scientists are able to identify where certain species live, how they got there, how they evolved and what the Earth may have looked like hundreds of millions of years ago!

What are your Thoughts on Ecosystems?
Explore With Lola!

Lola and other leatherback turtles live in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. They swim long and far to nesting beaches in warm southern waters. That?s two different ecosystems: oceans
and onshore beaches.

Continue Your Learning Path

Now that you?ve learned about ecosystems, and how nature is connected, it?s time to learn about biodiversity ? the variety of life that lives in each and every ecosystem.

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