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Students Speak! Contest: Announcing The Winners
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Countdown to Copenhagen Students Speak! Contest

The results are in! Take a look at the judges' top picks.

Thank you to all who participated in?the ePals Team Earth?Countdown to Copenhagen Students Speak! Contest. Entries came in from passionate, intelligent, and well-informed students from all around the world.

Each entry was evaluated for: thoughtful selection of issues; overall effectiveness of delivery; quality of content; creativity; technical quality; and adherence to the format guidelines of the contest.

Top Entries

Congratulations to the Winners!

The Top Entries will be compiled onto a DVD to be presented?to world leaders at?the Copenhagen Climate Conference, December 7-18, 2009.

Anna, Anthony, Caroline, Carolyn, & Elyse
Meet The Fossil Fuel Family
California Kindergarten Students
Hands Across The World
Charlotte & Holly
United Kingdom
Pollution: Before & After
Deniz K.
A Poem About Global Warming
Emma L.
The Earth Is Now In Our Hands
Ilkay C.
Climate Change
Jyoti, Vijay, Rita, Rupa, & Subhash
Our Message To The World
The Earth's Future
Laurel S.
Stained By Pollution
Liceo Scientifico Talisio Tirinnanzi
United We Stand
Mali High School Students
Mother Earth Is Dying
Mohammad D.
We Can Make A Difference
Mohana P.
Shun Plastic
Our Generation Needs Your Help
Washington Elementary Students
3B Washington Students Speak Out
Top Entries by Age Group

Age 5-10

Age 11-13

Age 14-18

Special Awards
Best Digital Slideshow
? Emma L., USA
Kevin G., USA
Luther S., Philippines

Best Global Advice
? Mohana P., India
Samara G.C., Mexico
NJ Elem. Students, USA

Best Oral Presentation
? Ekaterina G., USA
Javier I.V.E., Mexico
Scarlett G., Mexico

Best Original Multimedia Composition
? Laurel S., Canada
Liceo Scientifico, Italy
Team Green CA, USA

Best Poetry
? Audrey & Team, Reunion IS
Brianna R., USA
Daniel K., USA
Deniz K., Turkey

Best Practical Advice
? Alexis & Team, USA
Napur T., India

Best Researched
? Bishesh O., India
Mohana P., India

Best Technology in a Digital Slideshow
? Anthony T., USA
Shivani M., USA
V. Aparajitha, India

Best Video Production
? Adam & Team, USA
Jyoti & Team, India
Kelly, United Kingdom
Rocky Boy A., Philippines

ePals Ambassador Award?
? Grace & Avika, USA
IIS G Vetrone Students, Italy
Mayank A., India

ePals Collaboration Award
? Shivani J., Brazil/India

Global Communicator Award
? Ana N., Mexico
Fiorella? & Virginia, Spain
Rohit, India

Most Creative
? Alex & Casey, USA
Kennan S., USA
Skyler N. & Max U., USA
Staffordshire Students, UK

Most Effective Appeal
? James & Team, UK
Molly, USA
Shanelle L., Belize

Most Innovative Solution
? Andrea Leon S., Mexico
Kira B., USA
Paralimni Lyceum, Cyprus
NJ Elem. Students, USA

Most Inspirational
? Claire & Zakia, Reunion IS
Nick S., Philippines
Yura & Sasha?, Russia

Most Original Presentation
? Aanchal, India
College Denayrouze, France
Kira, USA
Per E., Norway

Planet Protector Award
? Hadley & Josephine, USA
Mohana P., India
Rumiana I., Bulgaria

Team Earth Impact Award
? Shropshire Students, UK Harrison & Jessica, USA
Kendall & Hannah, USA
Marissa B., USA

Well Written Award
? Desiree O., USA
Raad K., USA
Samantha R.G., Mexico

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