Featured Exploration: Invention

Think! Explore! Sketch! Create! Try! Tweak! Sell! Inventing is a process. From the Eureka! moment when the light bulb goes on to the new product that changes the world, there are a lot of steps and a lot of creativity in between. These activities will help you explore some of the steps of invention and learn more about some amazing inventors. Try them out and see if you catch the invention bug yourself!

Smithsonian Explorations


Think! Explore! Sketch! Create! Try! Tweak! Sell! Inventing is a process. From the Eureka! moment when the light bulb goes on to the new product that changes...

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The Natural World

Do you know that forests are dwindling at a rapid rate, endangering the lives of all kinds of animals and plants? In fact, the United Nations has declared 2011 the...

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Black History

February is Black History Month in the Usa and we celebrate in our Global Community by embracing diversity and tolerance worldwide...

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Earth Day: Protect Our Planet

Although Earth Day has been celebrated around the world for over 40 years, in 2009, the United Nations recognized International Mother Earth Day...

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Celebrate The Arts

The Arts can be a forum for self-expression, communication, exploration and cultural understanding. And Arts Education can strengthen collaborative...

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Children Around The World

United Nations International Youth Day is celebrated on August 12th of each year. This year, marked with the slogan 'Change Our World', Ban Ki-moon, Secretary General...

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Museum Expert Project

By Joli B

This is a Slide presentation of a 2nd grade class from Slaughter Elementary. We were studying plant parts and expanded our learning through the "Museum Expert"...

Culture Collage

By Marwa I

A post card about Egypt. The fascinating warm country. Submitted by Hydi from Egypt.

Grace Ethnobotany Interview

By Grace

Hi. My name is Grace, I'm in 7th grade and I live in the United States. I read about Edward Palmer, a famous ethnobotanist. He collected plant specimens and showed...

A Collage: Italy

By Camelia

Italy is known for its delicious cuisine so I have chosen a picture of spaghetti to symbolize the great food found in Italy.

At Home in Amazonia: Scarlet Ibis and Sunbittern

By Bianca Venegas, Nadia Duff?

There is a description of the Scarlet Ibis bird and the Sunbittern bird. The following slides use the information to make a comparison of...

Cryogen-JNV Bhiwani India

By Namita V

This is our bird cryogen that lives in extremely cold regions. We named it "Cryogen" because this word means-a freezing mixture.

Self Portrait: Sushmita, India

By Sushmita

Hello myself, I am Shushmita. I am 11 yeras old studyng in class 7th. I tale keen interest in studies and want to become an engineer...

Help Us Save the Orangutans

By Cheryl A

Second graders learned about the problems facing orangutans in Borneo from a webcast by DeforestAction and TakingITglobal.

Endangered Species of Nepal

By Ashish & Ram

Nepal is one of the most vulnerable country due to climate change. So many species have been endangered...

Endangered Birds in Ukraine: Black Stork

By Andrey L.

There are a lot of endangered species of birds in Ukraine. I like black storks. Do you?


Shout: Water Matters in 2012

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