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Hot Topics

Common Core Implementation

Get practical, ready-to-use resources and projects for meeting standards in your classroom.

Internet Safety

Help your students thrive in a world of technology with resources from Common Sense Media.


Spark a love of reading with resources from International Reading Association.

Classroom Resources

Jump into ePals

4-week project for new members. Hosted by ePals, learn how to use ePals tools and content quickly.

eFilms on ePals

Documentary films to educate, enlighten and entertain your students.

Morning Warm-ups

A variety of short activities designed to get students focused, organized and ready to work.

Skill Builders Library

Introduce students to the internet with tips and activities on internet safety, online etiquette and vocabulary.

Teacher Communities

Smithsonian on ePals

Resources, lessons, and activities from the Smithsonian Institution. Learn about online events, student contests, and more.

Writing Center

Resources, lessons, and activities to help your students express themselves through their writing.

We Are ePals

Take a peek at cultures around the world. Hands-on activities, lessons, and resources that will bring the world into your classroom.


Use fun activities, lessons and experiments to motivate your class. Students will be enthused and excited to visit the science lab or participate in the next science fair!

In2Books Clubhouse

Resources, activities, and lessons to help your students take literacy to the next level.

Global Citizens

Activities and resources that will help your students learn more about, and make a real difference, in the world around them.