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    Next Up: Venezuela will hold presidential elections April 14 to replace the late Hugo Chavez.

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    Make your voice be heard. In 2008 you shared your opinions about what issues were important to you in: Presidential Minutes to the World. What issues are important to you now? Share your thoughts on the issues and elections in this year’s election writing challenges. Remember, you have a voice so make yours be heard.

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Take Me To Your Leader

Teachers, work with your students to research the history behind your country's leader then share your findings with another ePals class.

What's your White House Job?

Find out your White House Job and try other quizzes under Games.

World Elections Map

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Elections Reel

Barack Obama: 2012 Democratic National Convention

http://images.epals.com/media/obamaThumb.jpg http://images.epals.com/media/barackObama240.flv

Barack Obama was officially announced as the candidate for the Democratic Party at their party convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. See clips of speeches from First Lady Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden, President Barack Obama and others in this video.

Mitt Romney: 2012 Republican National Convention

http://images.epals.com/media/romneyThumb.jpg http://images.epals.com/media/a_better_future.flv

Mitt Romney was officially announced as the candidate for the Republican Party at their party convention in Tampa, Florida. See clips of speeches from Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Former First Lady of Massachusetts Ann Romney, Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney and others in this video.

Venezuela: On the Campaign Trail

http://images.epals.com/media/venezuelaThumb.jpg http://images.epals.com/media/onTheCampaign Venezuela.flv

Follow Hugo Chavez and Henrique Capriles as they campaign for President in Venezuela.

French Presidential Inauguration

http://images.epals.com/media/franceThumb.jpg http://images.epals.com/media/france360.flv

Francois Hollande was inaugurated as the President of France on May 15, 2012.